fuck yeah michael thompson

This is a Tumblr dedicated to the amazing fashion photographer Michael Thompson. The blog will feature a selection of his work from W, Allure, US Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, GQ, Details and everything far and few in between. Many of the images posted here are sourced from Michael's portfolio on Jedroot's official website. Enjoy!

I think this is one of the last shots that I have to post from the beautiful ‘Brass Tactics’ editorial, from US Vogue’s November 1998 editorial, starring a bronzed, Greek goddess like Kate Moss. The clutch looks like a block of gold and adds to the luxury appeal of the photo. A book chronicling all of Kate’s best photos has just been released. I’m not sure if any of the work she did with Michael was included; but I would certainly have included this shot.